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Ductless Mini Split Installation

Augusta, GA, Ductless Mini Installation Services

If you’re looking for an alternative to a traditional HVAC system, consider investing in an energy-efficient ductless mini-split HVAC system. Ductless mini splits are extremely energy efficient, and, when paired with a heat pump, they can provide both heating and cooling for year-round comfort.

Whether you need heating and cooling for one room or an entire home, ductless mini-split systems paired with heat pumps provide a safe, effective, and energy-efficient home comfort solution. To learn more about ductless mini-splits or to schedule an installation appointment for your Augusta, Martinez, Evans, Grovetown, & Harlem, GA, North Augusta, SC, or greater CSRA home, contact Atlas Heating & Air Conditioning today.

How Do Ductless Mini-Splits Work?

As their name suggests, what makes ductless mini-splits distinct from other HVAC systems is their ability to provide heating and cooling without the use of traditional ductwork, which can be bulky and expensive to install.

Ductless mini-splits consist of two main components: an outdoor compressor/condenser unit and one or more indoor air handling units. The indoor and outdoor units are linked together through a conduit, which houses the power cable, refrigerant tubing, suction tubing, and condensate drain.

The indoor air handling units circulate air throughout your space. During the summer, warm air within your home runs across cold refrigerants within the indoor coils. The heated refrigerant moves out of your home, making temperatures within your home cool and comfortable. The outdoor unit of the ductless mini-split system releases heat. During the heating mode, the refrigerant is heated from outdoor air, and cold air within your home is warmed by heated coils. The entire system operates completely from electricity so installation of mini-split systems with Atlas Heating & Air Conditioning is easy and more affordable than retrofitting your older home for central heating and air.

Benefits of Installing a Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump

If you want to improve the comfort of your Augusta, GA home, save energy and improve indoor air quality, consider investing in a ductless mini-split heat pump system. Some of the benefits of installing this type of HVAC system include:

No Ductwork

If you own an older home – or are building a new home – without ductwork, you should consider investing in a ductless mini split. You can potentially save thousands of dollars on the cost of installing ductwork across your home. Ductwork can be highly inefficient, as it’s estimated that as much as 20% of conditioned air escapes through leaky ducts.

Ideal for New Home Additions

Ductless mini splits are also ideal for new home additions or for providing conditioned air to garages or porches that lack ductwork.

Controlling Zones

One of the coolest benefits of installing a ductless mini-split heat pump is its ability to create multiple temperature zones in your home. Each indoor air handling unit comes with its own thermostat that allows you to control each area individually. This gives you the ability to adjust the temperature accordingly in rooms you rarely use for increased energy savings. It also helps keep individual family members more comfortable by allowing them to control the temperature in their rooms individually. For example, you can keep the temperature in your room at 70 at night, while your son might prefer it set at 66.

Easy to Install

Ductless mini-split heat pumps are easy to install because of the absence of ductwork. These systems also operate completely on electricity, so no additional natural gas lines need to be installed.

Reduced Energy Bills

Although ductless mini-split operates similarly to air conditioners in the summer, they don’t burn a fuel source such as natural gas to provide heating during the winter. Instead, they simply move warm air in and out of a home depending on the season. Because of this, you will see lower energy bills during the winter months.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Dust, dirt, and other contaminants can collect in ductwork and eventually find either way into your living areas. The absence of ductwork can improve your home’s air quality which is beneficial for everyone, including those with allergies, asthma, and other respiratory illnesses.

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If you’re interested in learning more about ductless mini-split heat pumps or would like to have one installed in your Augusta or greater CSRA home, contact the HVAC technicians at Atlas Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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