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Ductless Mini Split Repair

Augusta, GA, Ductless Mini Repair Services

If you own a ductless mini-split, you probably enjoy all of the benefits that come with this type of HVAC system, including the ability to create temperature zones, and lower energy bills all without requiring ductwork. Although ductless mini-splits are incredibly efficient and reliable, like all HVAC systems, they do tend to break down on occasion.

Fortunately, in many cases, a simple repair is all that’s needed to return your ductless mini-split to a new-like condition again. If you need ductless mini-split maintenanceinstallation or repair service, contact Atlas Heating & Air Conditioning. We proudly serve Augusta, Martinez, Evans, Grovetown, & Harlem, GA, North Augusta, SC, and the greater CSRA.

Signs Your Ductless Mini-Split Needs Repair Service

If you’re experiencing issues with your ductless mini-split heat pump, the time to act is now. The longer you wait to have the problem inspected, the more serious and expensive the issue becomes to repair. Some of the most common signs your ductless mini-split heating and cooling system needs repair include:

Poor Airflow

Is the air coming out of some or all of the indoor air handlers diminished? Several factors can cause diminished airflow, including a clogged or dirty air filter, dirty coils, or a refrigerant leak. First, check the condition of the air filter; if it’s clogged and dirty, replace it. Dirty coils or refrigerant leaks will need to be inspected by a professional HVAC technician.

Malfunctioning Controls

If your ductless mini split is unresponsive to setting adjustments, it may have a faulty reversing valve or an electrical issue. The reversing valve reverses the flow of refrigerant so the system can serve as a heater during colder weather. Both issues require the know-how of a certified heating and cooling technician to fix them.

Icy Evaporator Coils

Your mini split’s evaporator coils can freeze up due to insufficient airflow, typically caused by a clogged air filter, dirty evaporator coil, or a backed-up condensate drain. As well as potentially causing damage to your HVAC system, icy evaporator coils also lead to insufficient airflow and decreased efficiency.

High Energy Bills

No matter what type of HVAC system you own, a sudden spike in your monthly energy bills without any corresponding weather event is a telltale sign that your mini-split system needs a little TLC. Issues such as obstruction in the system cause your ductless mini-split to work harder, causing it to use more energy to reach the desired temperature set on your thermostat. Naturally, this causes energy bills to rise. A professional technician can inspect the system to determine if a repair or a replacement is the best option.

Loud Noises

Any noises out of the ordinary are a cause for concern and should be inspected by an HVAC professional. Banging or clanging sounds can indicate a loose or broken part, while a grinding noise often indicates the motor’s bearings may be worn down, causing a grinding noise that can eventually cause the motor to overheat and break down.

Compressor Issues

If the outside compressor is experiencing issues, your entire ductless mini-split system won’t be able to function properly. Some common compressor problems include general wear and tear, electrical circuit issues, and refrigerant leaks.

Thermostat Problems

In some cases, your thermostat can cause issues with your ductless mini split, causing the unit to run more often than necessary. Make sure the thermostat’s batteries aren’t dead, and it’s on the right setting. Your thermostat could also have a faulty wiring connection and may need to be replaced.

Benefits of Repairing Your Ductless Mini Split System

Here are some of the main benefits of having your ductless mini-split HVAC system repaired:

  • Reducing the Chance of a Costlier Repair. Oftentimes, ductless mini-split systems exhibit signs that they are in need of repair, but many Augusta, GA homeowners hold off on calling for help. Unfortunately, repair issues don’t just go away on their own. In fact, they get worse and can eventually lead to a complete breakdown and a costly repair. Fixing the repair now can prevent larger, most costly problems down the road.
  • Increasing System Lifespan. Ductless mini splits last about 20 years, but only if regular maintenance and timely repairs are performed. A lack of maintenance and repairs can drastically reduce the lifespan of your mini-split system.
  • Lowering Energy Bills. When something is out of whack with your ductless mini-split, the system must work harder to maintain the set temperature, leading to decreased efficiency and higher energy bills.

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